Agricultural Drones

Agricultural Drones

08 Jun 2017

Maximize yields and minimize costs with drone mapping

Main Features
Automatic Drone Flight
Fly and capture images using any DJI drone. Designed for use on the farm, by anyone.

  • Pre-plan missions for offline flight
  • Easily repeat flights for regular crop monitoring
  • Capture imagery with sensors from Slantrange, Sentera and more
Detect Crop Variability
Spot threats quickly and easily using NDVI and other plant health algorithms, so you can:
  • Save time with more efficient crop scouting
  • Monitor impact of treatments and test over time
  • Develop variable rate prescriptions
Built for Use in the Field
With DroneDeploy, your data isn't trapped on your computer. Easily share maps with other or take them into the field with you for note-taking on any device.

Map Data. Processed In a Flash.
Get data outputs in within hours by using our bank of dedicated supercomputers. DroneDeploy can scale with your business, processing as many concurrent jobs as your business needs.

Export. Data in your Format.
DroneDeploy's flexible Export Engine enables you to generate the data you need, in the format, projection and resolution you require for compatibility with your existing solutions.

Safety. Monitor Flight Activity.
DroneDeploy runs pre-flight and in-flight checks to ensure that your vehicle is safe to fly before take off—and can take corrective action if needed. Once your flight is complete, easily access detailed flight logs to monitor drone activities for compliance, insurance and fleet maintenance.


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