Stocked Up: 150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space

Stocked Up: 150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space

03 Jul 2017

Supply chain and logistics tech companies have seen funding go up significantly over the past few years as the category gains momentum. Smart money VCs and corporate venture arms are both participating in the space, and full-year run-rate projections estimate over $5B will be invested across 315 deals in 2016, representing annual highs for both deals and dollars.

Below are the 8 major supply chain and logistics categories from the map:

E-Commerce Logistics: Companies offering logistics and shipping solutions to small, medium, and enterprise-level e-commerce businesses. This category includes large Chinese companies like Cainiao and Best Logistics Technologies.

Sensors / Asset Tagging: Companies developing chips, sensors, and RFID technology. This category includes sensor makers like Alien Technology.

Freight & Supply Chain Visibility: Companies providing platform services for freight-forwarding and solutions to track and monitor a company’s physical supply chain. This category includes companies like Flexport as well as platform tracking companies like C3 IoT.

Last-Mile Delivery: Companies offering solutions for physical transport and delivery of goods to customers in the “last-mile,” AKA at the end of the supply chain. This category includes fleet-based companies like Go-Jek, Postmates and New Dada.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Companies offering visibility into sourcing, procurement, production, and resource allocation. Companies like Infor, which just received $2.5B in financing, lead in this space.

Inventory Management: Companies offering inventory management solutions. This category includes companies like TradeGecko and Ecomdash.

Trucking: Companies offering platform services connecting shippers and truckers, as well as trucking logistics, trucker driving-safety and fuel efficiency solutions. This category includes market leading firms in freight and trucking like Convoy.

Warehousing: Companies improving warehouse efficiency, from robotics companies like 6 River Systems to wearables companies like Kinetic.

Source: cbinsights

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