Drones are Planting an Entire Forest from the Sky

Drones are Planting an Entire Forest from the Sky

17 Aug 2017

Restoring a damaged ecosystem is time-consuming and difficult work that can take years to complete. Villagers in the Irrawaddy River delta have been hand-planting 2.7 million mangrove trees in order to restore the local forests, but they started looking for an easier way to get the job done. They found the solution with Biocarbon Engineering, which uses drones to plant as many as 100,000 trees in a single day.

In order to plant that many trees, the drones take a systematic approach, flying over the land to map the topography and choose the best location for planting. A second wave of drones then fly over the area and “fire” seed pods into the ground in accordance with calculations made by previous drones.

The startup is working along with Worldview International Foundation, a nonprofit that manages tree-planting projects. In Myanmar, mangrove trees are particularly important because they help provide an ecosystem for fish to live in, and they protect coastlines from storms. Restoring the trees will go a long way toward protecting vulnerable people living in the coastal areas.

Source: Inhabitat

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