DHL Launches Saloodo Digital Platform in the U.K.

DHL Launches Saloodo Digital Platform in the U.K.

28 Sep 2017

DHL’s digital freight platform Saloodo expanded into the United Kingdom, marking another step forward in the freight forwarding industry’s march into the technology age – as well as another step towards the eventual Brexit.
The new launch offers transport services within the U.K., and between the U.K. and the European Union. The online platform was introduced successfully in Germany earlier in 2017.
Saloodo enables online quotes and invoices in the national currencies of the respective countries while also accounting for local taxes. In addition to direct invoices, payment options on the platform include credit card, PayPal and SEPA credit transfer. The platform also includes an application for drivers that displays carrier and route information and allows for real-time updates.
DHL plans to expand Saloodo into other European countries later in 2017, with Spain and Portugal scheduled next for the roll-out in the fall.

Source: Air Cargo World

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