DHL Looks to Emulate Rivigo’s ‘Driver Relay’, Location Tracking Models in India

DHL Looks to Emulate Rivigo’s ‘Driver Relay’, Location Tracking Models in India

15 Nov 2017

New Delhi: Global logistics group DHL is planning to introduce internet-connected trucks and emulate technology-enabled logistics start-up Rivigo Services Pvt Ltd’s driver relay model to improve customer experience and increase efficiency, according to an industry executive with direct knowledge of the matter.

The new business unit, scheduled to begin operations early next year, will be overseen by Malcolm Monteiro, chief executive Asia Pacific at DHL eCommerce, the person mentioned above said.

Rivigo currently owns a fleet of over 2,000 internet-connected trucks and operates through a unique driver relay model.

The company employs multiple drivers on one route and each one typically drives for four to five hours before handing over the truck to another driver at a pit stop, returning home with another truck.

The technology-enabled trucks are fitted with sensors for location tracking and real-time data is monitored to eliminate errors and enhance services.

Rivigo, which started operations in 2014, currently has at least 70 such pit stops across India.

According to the company’s website, the driver relay model helps it reduce transit time by 50-70% from the industry average. DHL is planning to emulate the same model and is in the process of building a team and fleet of trucks.

On 23 June, Mint reported that DHL was planning to invest over $100 million in supply chain operations in India over the next 3-4 years.

A DHL spokesperson declined to respond to a detailed questionnaire but said the company may share more details early next year.

Source: livemint

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