Uber Starts a Perks Program for Its Trucking App

Uber Starts a Perks Program for Its Trucking App

05 Apr 2018

Uber is launching a perks program for Uber Freight, the company’s app that lets truckers easily book loads. It’s called Uber Freight Plus, and it offers truckers different discounts and opportunities depending on how much they drive with the service.

As long as drivers haul one load per month with Uber Freight, they’ll be eligible for an Uber Freight Plus “fuel card.” They can use that card to save 20 cents per gallon off the retail price of gas at TA/Petro truck stops, as well as 15 cents per gallon at specific locations in California, Texas, and Illinois of Roady’s, a network of independent chain of truck stops. Uber Freight Plus members will also be able to use the card to save up to 30 percent on Goodyear tires.

Once drivers haul 10 loads total as Uber Freight Plus members, they’ll be eligible for up to $16,000 off new truck purchases from Navistar or up to a $4,000 rebate on used trucks from the company’s International brand. Lastly, Uber Freight Plus members can save 20 to 50 percent off the cost of parts on truck maintenance at Navistar centers (even if they own a different brand of truck) and can get discounts on phone plans with Sprint.

Uber Freight Plus is the latest push from the company to tempt existing truck drivers to try out the service, while also encouraging new users to sign up even if it’s their first time.

“Every feature that we’ve shipped is about how to make the drivers’ time finding loads, going about their day to day, and building a business around Uber Freight easier and easier,” Eric Berdinis, senior product manager for Uber Freight, tells The Verge. Uber Freight Plus, he says, “is the next frontier of helping drivers, especially small fleets, level the playing field in the world of trucking, by giving them some of the tools that they need to run their business even outside of finding loads of freight.”


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