TIRPORT targets the 1.5 trillion dollar logistics market between Eastern Europe and China

TIRPORT targets the 1.5 trillion dollar logistics market between Eastern Europe and China

11 Jan 2022

Turkey-based LogiTech startup Tirport targets the 1.5 trillion dollar logistics market between Eastern Europe and China with the lead investment of Re-Pie.
World production has gradually shifted to China and South Asia over the past 30 years. During the Pandemic, some European countries all of a sudden could not even produce toilet paper and diapers within the borders of the country. While the goods produced in China and South Asia were transported to qualified markets in the west, there were serious increases in logistics costs with the supply chain and container crises that emerged with the Pandemic.
Road transportation has been almost rewritten on the logistics line between Europe and China on those days in order to overcome the supply chain crisis. He said: “The freight transport traffic in the northern logistics corridor between Europe and China has increased more than 7 times in the last 2 years. Intermodel solutions optimized with artificial intelligence-supported technologies, the introduction of new generation customs clearance technologies such as green customs, digital platforms such as Tirport, which is a candidate to manage hundreds of thousands of trucker networks, freight payment systems powered by fintech technologies are changing the game. As Tırport, we are targeting the 1.5 trillion-dollar logistics market between Eastern Europe and China with the investment we have received under the leadership of Re-Pie.”

Massive opportunities await Turkey in logistics
Emphasizing that great opportunities await Turkey in logistics if the cyclical advantages are well seized, Tırport Chairman Dr. Akin Arslan said: “Turkey, which is right next to Europe, the target market of all manufacturers in the world, draws attention with its ability to reach over 60 countries with only a 3-hour flight, its production competencies, logistics advantages and qualified workforce opportunities. A product produced in Turkey can be transported anywhere in Europe in 3 days if there are no customs waits. Tırport will build a giant digital logistics corridor between Europe and Turkey by combining its technologies with conventional logistics forces in the coming days. It is evaluated that this digital power can also encourage billions of dollars of production-oriented foreign capital flow to Turkey. Tırport, with its global movement next year, is a candidate to become the biggest digital actor of the Logistics Corridor covering the Eastern Europe on one side and China on the other, in the North, consisting of nearly 20 countries, dominating a population of 1 billion including Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, in 5 years. As Tırport, we aim to manage more than 100 thousand FTL/LTL transports per day in the region, accelerate customs clearance with enhanced intelligence supported technologies, start a new era in logistics with sea-air-land-railway integrations, and provide "Operated By Tirport" concept to more than 2.5 million truckers from 20 countries.”

Re-Pie invests in Tirport
Seeing the opportunities in the logistics sector; Re-Pie Portfolio, which has made pioneering investments in leading technologies such as Getir and Colendi and added value to its investments with its professional stance and presence, announced last week that it has invested in Tirport, which is on its way to become a major player in the logistics of the future. Re-Pie Portfolio, Turkey's first alternative investment fund management company to have an operating license, continues to grow with new investments in different fields. Raising its total portfolio volume to 7 Turkish Lira billion, the company added a new one to its investments in technology and innovation-oriented business models. Re-Pie Portfolio announced that it has invested in Tırport, which continues on its way with the aim of leading the digital transformation of the Turkish logistics industry, through the First Mixed Technology GDP within its body. Encore Holding from Europe also participated in the investment tour. Tırport manages more than 4 thousand FTL transports per day with a team of approximately 60 people, hosts over 80 thousand truckers, operates in 6 languages, 7 countries on all digital platforms (iOS, Android, web, iPAD). As of 2022, it aims to be structured in the LTL between Europe and Turkey and in the Northern Logistics Corridor stretching from Eastern Europe to China. Tırport, which is still among the 10 most important logistics technologies and digital freight services in the world at Crunchbase, aims to be the biggest player in the logistics corridor between Eastern Europe and China in the next 5 years with its Artificial Intelligence supported technologies and digital platform strength.