Solar PV Powers Desalination Plant In AbuDhabi

Solar PV Powers Desalination Plant In AbuDhabi

17 Jan 2017

Solar PV’s dynamism stems from its ability to take on different forms. An emerging application for the technology is seawater desalination using electricity generated through solar PV.

The water desalination plant in Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi is a cluster of five innovative pilot projects that aim to test new technology configurations and bring them to the market.

The plant is owned by Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s state-owned company that aims to foster renewable energy technology in the country of United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region.

The latest pilot project added to the cluster of the water desalination plants in Ghantoot uses electricity generated by a 30 KW off-grid solar PV system.

The new configuration was developed by French start-up Mascara Nouvelles Technologies and aims to utilise solar energy to power the desalination process.

This is important because 50% of a desalination plant’s lifetime costs come from energy consumption, said a Masdar spokesperson.

Source: PV Magazine

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