SAWS Opens New Water Desalination Plant

SAWS Opens New Water Desalination Plant

30 Jan 2017

The San Antonio Water System officially opened on Friday its desalination plant that will pull water from the salty Wilcox Aquifer. It’s one of the largest inland desalination plants in the country.

Mariachis helped SAWS kick-off the opening of its H2Oaks . It’s here that salt and minerals will be removed from brackish water drawn from the Wilcox aquifer about 1,600 feet underground.  It will then be blended with other water sources and turned into drinking water. That’s an extra 12 million gallons per day.

SAWS CEO Robert Puente says that’s enough for 53,000 homes. “This really gives us a drought-proof supply. It allows our citizens to know their demands will be met even in the most dire circumstances,” he said.


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