Next Billion-Dollar Logistics Technology StartUps of Future

Next Billion-Dollar Logistics Technology StartUps of Future

05 Apr 2017

Who are the Logistics Startups that will mark the future of the logistics industry in the world? Here are 12 logistics operation management startups in 9 countries that could be the billion-dollar unicorns of future.

1. Coyote “Real. Smart. Logistics.”

Coyote Logistics is a third-party logistics company that provides transportation and logistics services to shippers in North America. The company offers truckload services such as dry van freight, temperature-controlled freight, specialized truckload, and cross-border solutions; and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight and project management services as well as managed LTL solutions; and open-deck transportation, over-the-load, and shipment coordination solutions.

On March 18, Chicago-based Coyote Logistics LLC acquired Access America Transport (AAT).

United Parcel Service (aka UPS) has acquired Coyote Logistics which is headquartered in Chicago from Warburg Pincus for $1.8 billion.


2. Convoy “Get smarter, better trucking, right at your fingertips”
(USA) is reinventing the trucking industry with an on-demand service for regional and local shipments. Convoy uses the latest technology to connect shippers with nearby trucking companies, helping them book jobs instantly without haggling over price—even on short notice. With Convoy, it’s as easy to create shipments as it is to order from Amazon.

Convoy Signs Strategic Partnership with consumer goods giant Unilever NV to Streamline Trucking Operations in 2016. Convoy is backed by Greylock Partners, as well as the founders and CEOs of Amazon, eBay, Salesforce, Dropbox, Expedia, Instagram, KKR, and, to name a few, and has valued more than $100 million in venture capital funding.



3. Doft “Do Freight Transportation”

Doft is fixing the trucking industry brining fair tariffs into the market and very easy to use on-demand one-click technology. Shipper can now create shipments in minutes and truck drivers are notified immediately about new loads available in their area.

Doft aimed at helping America’s 400,000 or so freelance and owner-operator truckers find work, announced its official nationwide launch. Targeting a market worth $80 billion, Doft - which stands for “do freight transportation” - has set its sights on being the first Uber-like service for trucks.



4. CargoX “We Always Deliver”

The CargoX was founded to provide shippers a smart and efficient solution to transport the most diverse types of products in any parts of Brazil, through technology, information and know-how in transport. CargoX is a scalable carrier, based on the provision of no assets that provides transportation services to hundreds of customers in a wide range of industries service. The service is based on a technology that has a growing network of 100,000 truckers.

Brazilian Logistics Startup Raises $10 Million From Goldman, ex-Uber Exec, in 2016.

CargoX intends to serve as ‘Uber for trucking’ firm connecting freights and truckers in Brazil and other markets.



5. Huochebang (Truck Gangs)

Trucking remains by far the primary means of ferrying goods across China. More than 80 percent of goods are delivered via roads in a country whose logistics sector was worth $1.6 trillion in 2013, Deloitte has estimated. But the industry remains fragmented and inefficient.

Huochebang is a provider of an online truck logistics platform. The company provides an O2O (Online-to-Offline) truck freight platform that provides integrated services to truckers and shippers in China.

Company backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Hillhouse Capital secured the capital in a round led by new investors International Finance Corp. and All-Stars Investment Ltd. Tencent, Genesis Capital and DCM Ventures also participated and Truck Alliance Inc. known as Huochebang, raised about $115 million in a financing round that valued the startup at $1 billion.



6. Rivigo “Trucks First”

Rivigo is built for clients who need hassle free, reliable, professional and super-express logistics services. By using simple processes, advanced technology, trained and professional staff, they help our clients manage long haul logistics seamlessly. The company coordinates delivery trucks going between different cities, using technology and innovative operational processes. It aims to significantly improve the truck driver ecosystem and operational efficiencies while doing so.

Startup had raised $75 million from private equity firm Warburg Pincus in November 2016. That round was marked as the largest sum raised by an Indian startup in 2016, and is being used to improve their product and ramp up hiring, among other things.

Before raising $75 million in its Series C round, the logistics startup had raised $30 million in its Series B funding round, led by SAIF Partners with participation from other investors as well. Prior to that, it had raised $10 million in Series B round of funding and an investment in its seed round from Singapore Post. Rivigo raised about $114.9 million in total.



7. Delhivery “Enabling Commerce”

Gurgaon-based logistics company SSN Logistics Pvt Ltd, which runs the web platform The company was started by a bunch of engineers including Bhavesh Manglani, Kapil Bharati, Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua and Suraj Saharan. It offers a full suite of services such as last-mile delivery, third-party and transit warehousing, reverse logistics, payment collection, vendor-to-warehouse and vendor-to-customer shipping and more. The company is backed by Times Internet Ltd, which had acquired a minority stake in the firm in June last year.

Carlyle Asia Partners IV (CAP IV) led a $100 million funding round for e-commerce logistics startup, Delhivery in March of 2017. Delhivery raised about $227.5 million in total. Existing investor Tiger Global also participated in the last funding round which values the company at close $700 million.



8. Blackbuck “Making Freight Simple & Effective”

Bangalore-based BlackBuck, which was founded in April 2015, takes two routes to digitizing the logistics space. It operates a marketplace that connects organizations needing to move goods across India with truckers seeking work, or to maximize their loads with additional capacity.

BlackBuck, a startup that is digitizing logistics and cross-country freighting in India, has closed out a $70 million Series C round in March 2017 by new investor Sands Capital, with participation from World Bank’s IFCand existing investors Accel and e-commerce giant Flipkart and carried it’s total equity funding up to $100 million.

BlackBuck had previously raised $30 million, including a $20 million Series B in 2015.



9. Truckiez “Trucking Made Easy.”

The road freight industry is highly fragmented with over 80% of the market operated by carriers with 1-5 trucks. This creates a huge challenge in running logistics smoothly and getting visibility on trucks, inefficiencies and potential issues. Everyone outsource to everyone which creates a margins-on-margins problem. In a $52B market - this becomes an issue which affects all consumers.  There is a constant supply-demand mismatch as the industry does not have a way to optimize itself as a whole and to minimize the underutilized capacity. Truckiez have created the easiest and most transparent way to book trucks.

Being Australia's most advance freight company, Truckiez strives to make freight management as simple as a push of a button. All trucks have a GPS so that both carriers and shippers are best prepared to handle it on arrival to the pick-up point, drop-off point or any issue on the way. Truckiez is built to service line-haul industry or "Middle-Mile". Businesses who have freight requirements of metro-to-metro can benefit from saving money on driver's waiting time, paperwork handling and tedious invoice reconciliation.   

Truckiez guarantees consistent availability of compliant and reliable trucks to shippers. Truckiez was founded in early 2016 by a group of serial entrepreneurs. After acquiring TIC Group as a client, a partnership was formed to which allows us to deploy our technology on existing network of moving thousands of loads a week.



10. uShip “Shippers meet carriers. Carriers meet shippers.”

People and businesses use uShip because it’s easy and affordable to price, book, and ship everything from cars to cranes, freight to furniture, and households to horses—whether it’s going local or long distance.

Since 2004, uShip offers a less-than-truckload carrier-direct marketplace, as well as its enterprise software platform for larger shippers, brokers and 3PLs. In July 2016, it signed an agreement with DB Schenker, one of the world's largest logistics companies, to power Drive4Schenker, an online and mobile-based trucking marketplace.

uShip had previously raised $45 million from Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, $25 million from DB Schenker in February 2017 and raised its total equity funding up to $70 million.

Based in Austin, Texas, and Amsterdam, the company operates globally with localized sites in 19 countries and regions on six continents.


11. Ezyhaul “Connecting Shippers with Road Freight Carriers”

Ezyhaul is a rapidly growing technology company in South East Asia focused on transforming the road freight industry. Their online, on-demand freight exchange platform connects shippers with pre-qualified and reliable domestic carriers who have unutilized capacity on their trucks.

Ezyhaul’s vision is to transform the world of transportation logistics by building an ecosystem around shippers, transportation companies, authorities, and third party service partners. Connected through the Internet of Things and driven by data analytics, we will empower all their partners in the ecosystem.

Founded by a team of logistics veterans they understand the challenges in the industry. They apply the latest technology to make shipping “Ezy” and create a hassle-free experience for shippers and carriers.

Ezyhaul has raised roughly $840,000 in seed funding to expand its market presence in 2017. The Singapore-based firm’s investment came from a group of logistics industry leaders.


12. TIRPORT “Future of Logistics”

TIRPORT is a Turkey-based startup, aiming to make logistics effortless to any shipper regardless of size and buying power. A digital logistics platform had built which allows carriers and shippers to bridge. TIRPORT is the easiest and most effective way to book trucks and monitor freights in Turkey. TIRPORT ERP automatically track and keep logistics updated on any shipment's progress. TIRPORT technology provides real-time freight monitoring services for load owners. Load Owners and Shippers can monitor all the transporting processes by using TIRPORT Dashboards and Mobile Apps.

TIRPORT is designed to make it easy for shippers to connect with nearby trucking companies on demand, creating efficiencies and helping them book and track jobs instantly. The platform is now up and running in Turkey.
TIRPORT gives truckers a smartphone app that they can use to accept a job from shippers. An Uber-like interface allows their clients to see the truck on a map as it heads to its destination.

TIRPORT, on the other hand, is all about business-to-business and it's focusing on local markets, initially in Turkey. Market is riddled with inefficiencies that can be eliminated in a way that allows TIRPORT and carriers to profit because the shippers can book more business. TIRPORT also enables Transporters to view multiple freight opportunities. Transporters can work with numerous businesses across Turkey and expand their trucking business.

TIRPORT aims to be the largest logistics management platform of the region, targeting to carry over 20 thousand freights a day in the next 3 years.

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