Electricity With TTTGlobal Home Batteries And Solar Panel Technologies

Financial savings
Primarily, the home battery will take it easy on your wallet. Installing a home battery can lower monthly household electricity bills by up to 65%.
Energy independence
High-Tech TTTGlobal home batteries will enable you to make significant progress towards your energy independence.
Clean Energy and Eco-friendly Lifestyle
We’re building clean world for a better future. Buildings no longer have to leave an ecological footprint.
Home Kits:
The TTTGlobal home battery charges during the day using rooftop solar panels. At the same time, it also charges with electricity from the grid at off-peak hours when rates are low.
The stored electricity is then automatically used to power your house in the evening, the next morning, or whenever rates are high.

The following diagram shows you exactly how our battery system works in the average house.

Diagram of the System
  1. 1. Solar panels on the roof generate free electricity for household use.
  2. 2. Some of this electricity is consumed immediately; the rest is stored in the home battery. Household appliances will always preferentially use solar energy first.
  3. 3. For times when solar rooftops panels are not generating enough electricity, energy stored in the home battery is automatically used and any additional electricity needed can be taken from the grid.
  4. 4. It is also possible to include a super-charging station for your electric vehicle in your home power system. Owners of electric cars spend 50-80% less per kilometer travelled than vehicles running on traditional fuels.

The brain of the home battery:
The Home Battery’s control system ensures that the battery always works as programmed. We will set up your home battery upon installation to meet your power needs and your consumption patterns, while taking on-peak and off-peak rates and your home battery’s capacity into consideration.
Our main goals are to make sure that your home’s energy performance is always optimized and that your wallet is spared all unnecessary expenses.

Now is the best time to install solar panels on your home, as temperatures will continue to rise for the summer and drive your power bills higher and higher! A solar panel installation can provide your home with 100% (or more) of your monthly electricity needs, even during the hot summer. And not only will you protect yourself from the highest energy costs of the year, but going solar is also one of the best ways to combat climate change, because generating your own power with solar emits ZERO greenhouse gases.