As TTT Global, we carry the mission of being the incubator of Mobile Technologies that will add value to social life, increase life standards and simplify life, since we believe the future is at mobile technologies.
Due to our mission we;
TTT Global plans, funds, develops, and launches mobile technologies.
TTT Global is an innovation incubation centre.
TTT Global is an Internet Projects Investment Company that collects, develops, funds and launches the innovation ideas at Internet and mobile technologies with the experience of powerful technology management and know how.
TTT Global is the life platforms itself that innovation finds life.
TTT Global is a powerful sectorial counsellor and coach.
TTT Global is an investor itself, who knows, experiences and practices to be the “Angel Investor”

Project Examples
Speech-to-Text / Text-to-Speech Technologies
We have become a long way in the voice recognition technology. We have audio technology investment on the speech-to-text / text-to-speech technologies project, which succed to reach beta state. We are planning to modify and add our voice technology into televisions, intelligent homes, call centres, toys, etc. This tech will wipe out the remote controllers.
We gain %95 success at correct detection and writing with our Speech-To-Text technology. There is artificial intelligence at the backend infrastructure. Virtual assistant is able to improve herself. A 3D avatar, which can speak, is also ready for her.

Artificial Intelligence Toy Technologies
Our branded artificial intelligence toys will able to be uploaded via WIFI with chat scenarios and will be able to talk with each other, Toy-to-Toy. We will establish a digital market for these products, like Apple Store, where ready chat scenarios will be available. There will be scenarios that are prepared even by the end users at these digital stores. People will even be able to load and sell their own scenarios and that will make the "toy story" film came true.

Real-time Virtual Translator Technologies
We developed the world’s first virtual real-time simultaneous transilator. We aim to sign up to a major innovation in this field. We have approached to the alfa product at online translation technologies.
With this application 8 people in a room will be able to talk with each other in real-time, in their own languages by only pairing their phones via bluetooth. Everyone will just talk to his/her own phone in her/his own language; will hear in her/his own language while the others are speaking in different languages.

Facebook Messenger BOT Technologies
We developed artificial intelligence chatbot technologies for Facebook Messenger. Artificial intelligence featured chatbot is able to recognize user trends and begin marking behavior, anticipates the users expectations and able to give the best advices identified by a specific mathematical algorithm.

Users can chat with the bot ask questions and able to get logical answers. BOTs are also able to ask questions and able to collect user data with the answers. BOTS aim to make users life easier by finding and giving the best advices according to the user’s field of interest.

Logistics Technologies
With the project’s motto “The weight of the World is in the palm of your hands.”
We developed a resolution platform, which plans to shape the future of logistics with a brand new vision and new technologies. Project pairs up the carrier and shipper on internet-based and mobile-based applications and provide the needs of sector with optimal conditions with real-time and location-based services.
Our logistic technologies developed, as a 3-year field and laboratory work product, with the dynamic and experienced staff that recreated succeeded projects in the past. Project’s GOAL is to become a platform that has a worldwide reputation with the innovative approaches we will bring in logistics.

Major Benefits Of The Project:
    - Secure payment system
    - Performance data of tranships
    - 7/24 follow-up of load and vehicle
    - Proper vehicle for your load
    - Different payment options
    - Ideal loads on your mobile phone
    - We will help you to find your load on the way back
    - %40 cash payment on loading
    - Advantages of TIRPORT Card
    - Fuel, service and spare parts at a discount