As TTT Global, we invest in the wide range categories of energy, technology, media and startup projects in 40 countries worldwide. Our business development teams constantly monitors the international markets to spot the best investment opportunities as soon as they appear.

We have Investments across multiple market segments, technologies, and geographies. Our main objective is to support long term transparent and stable cash flows for operational projects and create value for public and private clients.

We offer investment products and services like Corporate Finance, Investment Advisory and Research pertaining to international capital markets.

We offer comprehensive corporate finance services to companies like financial partnerships, project financing and consultancy services.

We provide consulting services to companies in the private or public sector in the stages of identifying and targeting projects, sectoral analysis, company analysis, financial valuation and supervision after investment.

We offer advisory services to private or public sector for project financing of new investments and capacity increments.

Accurate and reliable information underlies realistic observation in global markets. Investment advisors operate based on this reliable information. Our investment teams analyze the information influencing global markets and produce reports for private and public sectors.