As TTT Global, we believe in the soul of StartUps and Incubation.

Instead of the traditional focus on a performance management dashboard, Startup Project Management focuses on 3 integrated dashboards at visionary, strategic (business model/strategy), and tactical (value chain/performance management) levels. These integrated dashboards are used to comprehensively explain effective Startup Project Management.

A startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. A startup, which he argues in the context of the tech industry should be short for “scalable startup,” which searches to not only prove their business model, but to do so quickly, in a way that will have a significant impact on the current market.

We believe in being the incubation centre of great businesses which are built by teams with a mix of skills including tech, design, business and marketing.

Our Incubation Steps For Startups:
  • Innovation at the idea stage is being modelled with an effective planning and actualized step-by-step. All the startup process is being managed in this context;
  • Market needs are detected and analyzed correctly.
  • All elements of the market architecture are planned and income models are created.
  • Target audience analysis and target user segment clarification are made.
  • Sectoral benchmarking processes are managed.
  • Potential income models are simulated.
  • Project’s cash follow is prepared.
  • Project’s software development team is created.
  • Project’s backend works are completed.
  • CRM and ERP needs are clarified and detailed.
  • Workflows are planned for all teams.
  • Reporting system is designed.
  • Start-up process is launched.
  • BETA process is managed.
  • Go Live process is managed.
  • Market Penetration process is managed.
  • Global market researches and integration plans are made.
  • Collaboration models are developed.
  • Possible project based collaboration processes like “Due Diligence”, etc. are planned and managed.
  • Project, which began to take its own path, is incorporated and proceeds at the course of its own corporate structure.